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Hunt Slonem is an American painter, sculptor and printmaker known for his vibrant works depicting wildlife and other colorful imagery. He was born in 1951 and has since become one of the most acclaimed contemporary artists in the United States. He attended Tulane University before settling in New York City where he established his career. His work can be seen in galleries across the country, such as The Metropolitan Museum of Art and The Brooklyn Museum of Art. His style is inspired by Neo-expressionism, Pop art, and Expressionism, combining them to create a unique visual aesthetic that remains timelessly beautiful.

Hazelnut New Orleans Hunt Slonem, gorgeous trinket portrait plates available in four colors and proudly feature the artist's signature bunny motif. If you're looking for something a bit more playful, they also sell bunny cocktail napkins that add a touch of fun to your next get-together. For the grand finale, check out their large Rabbit Run Bowl; this eye-catching bowl is sure to be the centerpiece of any room. Get ready to welcome Hunt Slonem's beautiful creations into your home!

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