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Lucite is a type of transparent, lightweight plastic that was invented in the 1930s. It is often used to make furniture and accessories due to its durability and strength. Lucite is also commonly used for jewelry, artwork and sculptural pieces. It is known for its clarity, allowing it to reflect light without taking away from the beauty or appeal of an object, making it a great choice when designing something with visual interest.

Hazelnut New Orleans offers a fantastic selection of Lucite trays featuring iconic views of the Crescent City. Our vintage NOLA Map tray displays the original plans along the Riverbend. The Toile and Plan View trays showcase a unique take on classic motifs. For a unique perspective, our birds-eye view tray gives you a magnificent aerial overview of the Big Easy. With their beautiful design and vibrant colors, these eye-catching trays will make your home or office stand out. Add some taste and style to your decor with Hazelnut New Orleans Lucite Trays!

Hazelnut New Orleans is the perfect place to add an extra special touch to your special occasions! Our exclusive Lucite trays are beautiful and functional pieces that will bring a modern, stylish twist to any home or event. Whether you

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