Hazelnut New Orleans
Napkins and service pieces that complement your ceramic collections. Made by Vietri artisans with the same centuries-old techniques passed down through many generations.

Our favorite styles are shown below. Additional styles are available.

Small Gold Ruffle Bowl
Vietri Gold Ruffle Medium Serving Bowl
Medium Gold Ruffle
Serving Bowl

Vietri Alabaster Centerpiece
Alabaster Centerpiece
Vietri Slate Link Napkin
Slate Links Napkin
Gray/Taupe Ikat Napkin
Gray/Taupe Ikat Napkin
Vietri Brown Medallion Napkin
Brown Medallion Napkin
Vietri Gray Abstract Dot Napkin
Gray Abstract Dot Napkin
Vietri Gray/Aqua Abstract Dot Placemat
Abstract Dot Placemat
Vietri Vidal Place Setting
Vidal Place Setting
$118 set
Vietri Vidal Servers
Vidal Servers
$96 set
Vietri Vidal Demitasse Spoon
Vidal Demitasse Spoon
Vietri Settimocielo Five Piece Stainless Steel Place Setting
Settimocielo Place Setting
$98 set
Vietri Settimocielo Sauce Server Ladle
Settimocielo Sauce Server
Settimocielo Demitasse Spoon
Settimocielo Demitasse Spoon
Vietri Settimocielo Spreader
Settimocielo Spreader
Vietri Settimocielo Boxed Cheese Knife Set
Settimocielo Boxed
Cheese Knife Set

$102 set
Vietri Settimocielo Boxed Serving Set
Settimocielo Boxed Serving Set
$69 set